Animedia, July 2014, Sailor Moon feature translation and high res poster scans. 

(I rushed through the following translation because I was so excited. Excuse any mistakes and rewordings.)


“The sailor suited pretty soldier of love and justice is here!” That odango-agama is back. In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the original work, the “20th Anniversary Project” brings “Sailor Moon Crystal” to your eyes this July. We asked producer (director?) Sakai Munehisa about the new project.

The world of romance and dreams with a new style.

The legendary publication of the “Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon” serial began in 1992. Sailor suited junior high school students, and friends, Tsukino Usagi, Mizuno Ami, Hino Rei, Kino Makoto, Aino Minako (and eventually others) transformed into beautiful soldiers. It was the tale of protecting the Earth from Queen Beryl and seeking out the Silver Crystal.

They became fighting warriors. But, they were still regular junior high school students who enjoyed fashionable things and socializing. And, the main character Usagi had a destined love.

After the manga’s release, a TV anime that when onto complete 5 series began and became a huge hit. It’s not an exaggeration to say the comics and anime went on to become a worldwide success transferring to multiple platforms (the musical). It also became a societal phenomenon and now it’s back. We have to know. Mr. Munehisa, please tell us! Is this really a “Re-make-up”?

“This time our theme is really to start from the beginning and stay faithful to the original work. Our style this time is glamorous and delicate. Hair that flows, radiant costumes, like the dream of shoujo manga.” And the enigma of the Moon Princess’s repeating story and her epic tale of romance. It was that sort of glamorous series, so this time I wanted that to show in the work. To bring this out, we used GC to get the lighting and coloring right on the transformation sequences.”

This coming broadcast will be at the same time as the original, Saturdays at 7AM.

“Actually, this time we wanted a more real time feel. We want the now grown up women who watched this originally to be immersed in it again. Rather than nostalgia, we want the fans to feel like they’re back in that dream world. We want them to see it.”

“In this new version, we are updating the casual clothing and the “guest costumes” to the modern era. The location is the same as before, Azabu Juuban. And that, too, will naturally reflect the Azabu Juuban of 2014.”

“With the exception of Usagi’s voice, Mitsuishi Kotono, we held auditions for the other parts.” (See list) All actors auditioning for roles read with Usagi/Mitsuishi before we decided.”

“Of course the delivery method is considerably different, but you’ll see some familiar things right from episode 1.”

Faithful to the old, but brand new. And, with an adult target audience! Usagi, please show us your transformation.

I feel like he’s talking about meeeeeeeee! 8D